Wolfgang Gersch: FINE ART

Wolfgang has received a european art education and training. His creative talents where inspired by and influenced the Berliner art and culture scene of the 70's. As a young artist he liked to venture out into the international arena and to participate in the cross cultural exchange of ideas and contemporary world views.

He was active in the movements for social responsibility. The positive interaction between us humans and the well being of our planet Earth is one of Wolfgang's major concerns. His deep optimism and love is present in all of his work. Above all, to see the beauty in all of life and to be open to different opinions and to show tolerance towards other life expressions is his creative answer and meta art philosophy.

Imaginative visions and heartfelt visual communication is at the center of his artistic quest for excellence in his Meta Art projects and endeavors.



Fine Art Images:

Waiting for an Inspiration

Beautiful skies, floating clouds and inviting openings are part of my natural symbolism. I love expressing my desires to explore the beyond and to open myself up to the many realms of human insights and experiences. Life has so much to offer.

Meta Art Studios ©1989
acrylic on canvas 48" X 40"

Moments of Creation

Life is always in motion. It is in a constant flow through transitory states of growth and transformation. It fills me with deep respect for the inherent universal forces showing themselves through the mysterious veils of evolution and consciousness. The dance of energies drifts through the aeons of space and time.

Meta Art Studios ©1989
acrylic on canvas 48" X 40"


An ocean view after all

Inviting vistas and enchanted moments in life are the treasures for our memories. Wonderful Skies and drifting clouds call us to dream of a better tomorrow and nourish hope and love. How can I bring this sensual experience to our ordinary and so busy days?

Meta Art Studios ©1992
acrylic on canvas 60" X 84"

Blessing the Electronic Age

The electronic revolution has change the human reality forever. No other technology has been so closely modeled and is functioning so similar as to the working of our own minds and brains. Unfortunately the computer simulations are void of emotions. Is this new electronic culture a blessing or endangering our survival? Are we moving towards a more evolved and conscious future, I keep up my hopes and pray daily.

Meta Art Studios ©1992
acrylic on canvas 72" X 48"

Timeless Cosmic Birth

The stars in the heavens are returning for us to see each night, reminding us to gaze up to them. Their light brings us peace and time. And even fewer can imagine the great mystery of creation and evolution. Let us be open at least to all the wonders when we are out in the world and stay connected to the ultimate source of creation.

Meta Art Studios ©1988
acrylic on canvas 48" X 36"