Meta Art Studios: MURALS

Custom Murals - Trompe L’oeil - Wall Graphics - Marbleizing
Faux Finishes - Texture Effects - Venetian Plaster

Wolfgang has created murals for a large variety of clients and environments now for over 25 years . He is an excellent artist and he is a master of many different styles and subject matters. His professional training and art education took place in West Berlin in the 70's. Between 1980 and 2000 he lived and worked in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Traditional painting methods are used by him as well as state of the art technologies to achieve a unique, enchanting beauty of color and form. Among the tools he integrates in the process of designing and painting murals are his airbrush tools and a Mac PowerPC G4.

Wolfgang creates sophisticated faux finishes and many special surface effects and hand crafted textures. He is an inspired artist and designer. He loves working with other professionals on projects which achieve noted public attention. His mural art is is loved by many.

They have relocated in 2000 to Santa Fe, New Mexico. Wolfgang also lives and works in the Phoenix and Scottsdale Metropolitan Area in Arizona.


Mural in Toledo, Ohio